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question Maximum vote reward


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8 минут назад, Gabriel сказал:

how does the client calculates "max reward per day" ? why there is such limitation ?


u can get 3 Top Coins per every 12 hours.

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Hello, derp, thanks for the answer, but I'm aware of this limitation, but i usually use my VPN to vote multiple times and it works ... more or less ... i can vote 9 times and then I get a message saying I maxed today votes, even if I change account it still wont let me vote again even with another IP,

why there's such hard limit ? you could get a lot more votes from those with VPN should you unlock it


thanks again

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Hello, GM,

I think I can see why, if there were no limit people would exploit it to make money and would harm the economy.

Thanks for your answer and time,

have a good day

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