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1. In game chat type 


2. Click on buttons in vote menu

this first 3 for take reward but we will happy if you will vote on all top sites

3. After clicking on each button you will be redirected to the voting site - WARNING - In game IP and in browser IP must be SAME be sure - all extensions in browser for changing IP like vpn, proxy - are disabled. On sites need enter a captcha and press vote button. (On l2network you need log in then press f5 for refresh and continue vote)

4. After this steps in game in Vote menu press GETREWARD button



Skype Name    dream_neo  a4941bac4a7ae1e593f04c7268c2b776_icon.png.c97522341d2e5a1e410bcf9c13fec2ad.png https://t.me/dream_neo
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