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QUESTION [POLL] TvT reward system


[POLL] TvT reward system  

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  1. 1. Do you think that it is just to reward only those with kills in the "Team vs Team" event ?

    • No
    • No, but those who kill should get something extra.
    • No, but if we give reward to everyone then there will be lots of afks
    • Yes

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Hello, my fellow players, I had some problems with the TvT reward system and I think the matter is worthy of your attention to think about solutions around it.

Please vote.


Part of the story can be found in this thread -

I demanded justice to the ADM, but it seems he didn't think I was rightful of receiving the reward, I don't know if he doesn't believe me or if he just won't recognize the faults of the current system. So, what do you think ? we all probably went through this

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