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I'm looking for comrades for la2dream starting in less than 2 weeks.
Starting solo or with few l2 friends.

Clan foundation:
- no pressure
- no drama
- no constant parties (CP)
- no big expectations
- no whining about being underdogs
- no insane activity requirements
- no random alliances to win random fights
- no in-depth knowledge of the game required

- positive mindset
- pvp focused
- ability to speak English and use discord
- headphones
- mic - only for interview before joining
- not playing inside of a CP
- high failure tolerance
- communication in English
- willingness to participate in clan activities even while being undergeared
- selflessness
- you are almost self-sufficient in pve and you expect no assistance in pve

Preferably but NOT a must:
- you are able to think out of the box and come up with clever ideas to win fights
- you have a specific skillset clan can benefit from (e.g. extensive knowledge of la2dream or specific game subsystems/classes, management skills, knowledge of bugs, bots or anything that makes you stand out from "average" players w/e average means to you)
- you have experience with small size pvp/olympiad and not only with large scale battles where your overall contribution is miniscule
- you are not a "clicker"
- you are a solo player

Although it might look like it's easy to join a clan with these requirements, be sure you comply with everything above before contacting me.

Reasons you can be rejected for:
- you don't bring a mic for interview/introduction
- you ignored NO-CP requirement (up to 3 friends is ok)
- you are expecting to participate in zerg fights
- you just need clan skills
- you value quantity over quality
- you are playing 16 hours a day AND you expect action all the time

Some reasons for members to be kicked out:
- complaining about not being prepared for pvp so you will spend next 2 weeks gearing yourself before joining for some clan action
- whining because we lost a fight/joining voice while being on your period 
- continuously ignoring the fact clan is international and talking in your native language throughout different clan channels
- thinking you are skilled player just because you played in big national clans as an archer and won epic fights in a zerg by pressing F1 while listening some guy on teamspeak shouting "assist" every 2 seconds
- you are insisting to invite every random player from your nationality/etnicity to the clan without previously checking if they are a proper fit
- flaming bishops because they didn't give you noblesse after you accepted resurrection
- insulting players inside or outside of clan for being of certain nationality/etnicity
- expecting that because you need soul crystal stage 13 everyone should go to rift instantly
- insulting other members, creating drama inside of clan
- not being able to peacefully resolve "this is my spot, I was here first" situation with other members

If you are new to the game or you played years ago I will still take you and be your "mentor".
I'll rather play with someone who started playing the game yesterday than someone who is playing F1-archer for past 10 years and thinks he is king of the hill.

Randomly pick 10 players on the server and 9 of them will not meet requirements.
Are you in the 10%?

What can a casual clan do on a fast pvp server in 2021?
Certanly we won't be taking Valakas but we can still have fun pvping players in hot areas for access to farming spots or just for fun.
You will have few comrades to communicate and pvp with, eventually you'll get clan skills and you will still play without pressure to make that subclass for some epic raid boss and you don't have to play x amount of hours every day or even log in because if you are joining here you probably have kids or wife and you are not a nolifer or you are just casual for what ever the reasons are.

For players visting this topic after server opening:
Due to low number of players expected to join here (this clan), you are welcome to apply even playing a naked lv1 char without noblesse because these are not the requirements.
I don't care about chars but about mindsets of humans driving those chars.

I am rarely checking this forum so you should add me on discord if interested to join or you have some questions


if you PERFECTLY fit into this picture and you also have decent communication and organizational skills and have A LOT of free time and patience to commit, you are free to apply for "officer" role and help with recruitment and organization

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Как будто на работу принимают, а не в клан

Нас в тсе 68, а они сейчас сделают 69.

4 утра, а у меня КЛ долбоеб. (с)



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33 minutes ago, Unbelievable said:

Как будто на работу принимают, а не в клан

With that wall of text I am saving myself a lot of time and energy in the long run while answering a lot of questions.
Players that had fun on previous servers where I've lead are usually grown up people who can't even use mic most of the time because they have kids around.
Usually, as a clan, we spend time pvping in areas such as Hot Springs or killing t-rex when competition allows it, sometimes doing normal raids.
Post might look overwhelming but it will just filter out kids, competitive nolifers and asholes.

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