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Hello, we are waiting for you all on May 29th in a new La2dream adventure with a classic client + interlude.

What has been improved.

Ping / Latency / Routes

And a new search for your items!!

We are working hard, so we would like to thank each of the players who accompanied us, reported everything to our staff.

And if you still haven't got your answer contact us via skype or forum or on our facebook page.


                  imageproxy_php.png.4a9213753f1b0d936a1fc3b95960930f.png       Skype Name    dream_neo                  a4941bac4a7ae1e593f04c7268c2b776_icon.png.c97522341d2e5a1e410bcf9c13fec2ad.png.36d3404e026d82b63c7e1f8b15fc95f9.png   https://t.me/dream_neo

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