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Here we go again...

Small pack this wipe! 
Try to spend some time and money on game for winter season! 

Looking for ppl with humor to have fun on teamspeak and spend our free time in game. 

Classes that looking for  : Archers (that knows basic moves instead of right click with the head down) 
                                            Bishop (over 3 fingers and dont play with elbows)
                                            Domi/Dread/Tank (dont know yet)

✔️ Playing Hours :  Epics time pref

✔️ TeamSpeak3 user 

✔️ GR/ENG Speaking 

If you are interested to join us contact with us via PM!  ?

Spamers/flamers/drama queens  and ppl that breaking balls general dont even try to text. You are wasting our time. 

CP Leader: 521Marine 

Discord: 521Marine#9563
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thanos.kyokushin 
VK: https://vk.com/id515028435


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