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NEWS / НОВОСТИ LA2DREAM X50 Server Updated Description (START October 1)


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Dear La2Dream Players! Introducing an updated description of our server



  • Buff slots: 36+4
  • FOI Works like GF chronicle (effect disappear on casting or hitting)
  • Added PvP zones in the following locations: Dream Boss, Valakas, Antharas, Baium, Frintezza, Queen Ant, Zaken & Primeval Island
  • Only one game client window is allowed in epic zones Queen Ant & Zaken
  • Maximum clans in Alliance5
  • Maximum number of players in a clan: 120
  • The first fights at the Olympics will begin on October 10
  • The catacombs and necropolises will be available from Monday, October 3 18:00 UTC+3
  • Added a Lock system that allows you to set a password for trading and other transactions to protect your in-game items
  • Added new events and bonuses (for regular play and others)
  • Changed the augmentation skills mechanics and their effects according to the official server (for more details, see below in this thread)
  • Maximum Magic Critical Rate =  80%
  • Zaken. First month from start: 80 LvL, Fixed respawn time (from 23:00 - 24:00), Ship gates are opened. From second month: Retail zaken (60 lvl) and door mechanics. Not fixed respawn time



  • Exp: x50 
  • SP: x50
  • Adena: x10
  • Drop: x20
  • Spoil: x10
  • Seal Stones: x4
  • Quest items: increased drop rate for popular quests
  • Premium Account increases rates x2 (Exp x100, Sp x100, Adena x20, Drop x40, Spoil x20) . Warning! Premium account does not apply to drop from Raid Bosses, quest items.
  • Premium Runes increases rates by 50% (For example - Exp Rune give x75 rate exp)

For example, Rune of Exp&Sp +50%. Basic rate: x50, with Premium account it will be: x100, with rune it will be x75, and with Premium Account and Rune it will be x50 + x50 (Pa) + x25 (Rune) = x125. The rune is activated only for one character, otherwise it works as a premium account.



  • A special version of the game client based on Lineage Classic- a more optimized game engine (the client will give more FPS with the same number of objects on the screen), the absence of many annoying critical errors, a more modern interface and additional content in the form of mounts, agathions , cloaks, achievement systems, etc.
  • Number of client windows launched: 4
  • Maximum number of buff slots: 36 + 4. Buffs time: 2 hours.
  • The maximum number of players in one clan - 120
  • The maximum number of clans in an alliance is 5
  • Clan penalties (for leaving from clan and clan dismiss) - disabled
  • All new characters receive top NG weapons and armors, Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg&key=746ac3046a7b3f89 50 000 adenaEtc_scroll_of_return_i00_0.jpg&key=87de0 Scroll of Escapes and Etc_reagent_blue_i00_0.jpg&key=0a1578291 10 Mana Potions
  • Arrows and Shots - are not infinite
  • Offline Trade: for start offline trade - just start Private Store and close client
  • /unstuck - 15 seconds
  • Sieges - every 2 weeks on Saturdays. Half of the Castles are sieged in one Saturday and the other half in the next week
  • The catacombs are open 24 \ 7
  • Weight limit is increased by 50 times. Weight penalty are disabled. Max count items in the inventory increased to 200
  • Olympiad Period: 1 week. The battles will take place in various arenas. More balanced now! Added various prizes
  • Global teleport to the most popular locations added to the dialogue of the main GateKeeper's
  • Convenient ALT + B panel, which includes Control Panel, a section of services, where you can buy nubles, nickname / title change, and other. This menu also contains information about Raid and Epic Bosses, statistics and much more
  • Enchant Rates: Etc scroll of enchant weapon i05 0.jpg Normal Enchant Scroll - 55% Etc blessed scrl of ench wp s i05 0.jpg Blessed Enchant Scroll - 60%
  • Implemented functionality ACP (AHP AMP). ACP settings are available in the panel ALT + B



  • The first profession upon reaching lvl 20: free and as a gift 10 shadows tokens to exchange for weapons + Etc_reagent_blue_i00_0.jpg&key=0a1578291 20 Mana Potions
  • The second profession upon reaching lvl 40: free and as a gift 20 shadows tokens + Etc_reagent_blue_i00_0.jpg&key=0a1578291 50 Mana Potions
  • The third profession after reaching level 76 costs 50,000,000 adena and as a gift 40 shadows tokens + image.png.63864006cc8c89895c7b87064f62d376.png 1 Secret Book of Giant
  • Subclass without quest - just add in npc. Maximum 5 subclasses
  • Auto-learning skills
  • Easy quest for nobless (Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpg&key=1df268803a Lunargent and Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg&key=39877364 Hellfire Oil in Shop)




  • Comfortable NPC buffer with profiles. NPC Buffer has buff, song's, dances and 3rd prof buffs
  • The cost of buffs - 1 000 adena, 3 professions - 100 000 adena (up to 40 lvl all buffs - free )
  • Premium buffs for Champion Coin, Vote Buff Coin [3 hours], or Buff Coin [unlimited] - malaria, noblesse, resists and other



  • In ShoP, you can purchase consumables, accessories, weapons and armor from D to B grades for adena. Various scrolls, quest items, recipes
  • Implemented a convenient resource exchanger, exchange of fangs for resources, AA for stones and other functions
  • Top Shop section for purchasing items for Top Coin (coin for voting) and Event section for purchasing cool gifts for participating in events
  • Donate section. From the start of the server, it is very limited (includes only accessories and some consumables), but after some time posible buy weapons and armor of A and S grades, etc.


  • This is a great service where you can sell / buy valuable items from players, such as enchantedand and augmented weapons and armor. Various rare accessories. Epic jewelry and other goods.
  • The service also allows you to find goods from characters who have put a private store, including offtrade
  • Convenient filter for various product categories. You can find a product with the desired grade, enchanting, or augmentation



  • Raid Bosses respawn time from 12 to 13 hours after killing
  • The respawn time of the alliance RB is from 6 to 12 hours, Flame of Splendor Barakiel - from 3 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes
  • You can also see all the information about the spawn of Bosses in menu Alt + B
  • Queen Ant - 40 lvl (in the Queen Ant zone, protection from high-level characters)
  • Zaken - 60 lvl (on Zaken's ship, protection from high-level characters) [First month from start New server lvl is 80]
  • Fixed respawn times have been added to the following Epic Bosses:
    Valakas -     23:00 - 24:00* (resp 11 days),
    Antharas -  22:00 - 23:00* (resp 8 days),
    Frintezza -  22:00 - 24:00* (resp. 2 days),
    Zaken - 23:00 - 24:00* (resp. 2 days, only first month from start)
    Queen Ant - 21:00 - 22:00* (resp. 1 day, only first month from start)

    Dream Boss - 20:00* 
    *Moscow time GMT+3
  • Respawn times for other Epic Bosses:
    Baium: 120-122 hours (or 5 days and random 2 hours)
    Core \ Orfen -  min 36 hours max 37 hours,
  • If Epic Boss does not receive damage for 30 minutes, he goes to sleep, characters in the lair are teleported to the city. The time to kill Epic Bosses is 2 hours, if during this time they are not killed, Epic Boss goes to sleep and teleport all players to the city
  • Added additional drops for epic bosses, such as visual costumes, shields and other accessories

Pvp zones are located in the following places:

  • Queen Ant:
  • Frintezza - the entire BIG room in front of the room with the NPC Imperial Tomb Guide
  • Baium - 13th and 14th floors ToI
  • Dream Boss
  • Valakas
  • Antharas
  • Zaken
  • Primeval Island

Augmentation (Item Skills)

  • Augmentation skills work according to the official server
  • It is possible to use an active and passive skill (the effect does not disappear after removing the weapon)
  • Duration of buffs from augmentation skills - 20 minutes but at the Olympiad - 2 minutes
  • Augmented weapons are traded
  • Chance to get a skill with Life stones - image.png.e7a8ec187c5cb486457779338dc543c4.png Top - 10%, image.png.6716f80d4b2b8dd791a3b08b34f77b60.png High - 4%, image.png.319f5d4ea7bbdbd7b6bce732d019bd7e.png Mid - 3%, image.png.cf49e55dbebb5767c83439090cc05487.png Simple - 1%

Augmentation Description (Item Skills)

  • Item Skill: Wild Magic - Passive (Level 10) - 50% к шансу магической критической атаки
  • Item Skill: Wild Magic - Active (Level 10) - 100% к шансу магической критической атаки
  • Item Skill: Empower - Passive (Level 10) - 20% к магической атаке
  • Item Skill: Empower - Active (Level 10) - 20% к магической атаке
  • Item Skill: Duel Might - Passive (Level 10) - 19% к физическому урону в PvP
  • Item Skill: Duel Might - Active (Level 10) - 10% к физическому урону в PvP
  • Item Skill: Might - Passive (Level 10) - 10% к физической атаке
  • Item Skill: Might - Active (Level 10) - 10% к физической атаке
  • Item Skill: Shield - Passive (Level 10) - 10% к физической защите
  • Item Skill: Shield - Active (Level 10) - 10% к физической защите
  • Item Skill: Magic Barrier - Passive (Level 10) - 10% к магической защите
  • Item Skill: Magic Barrier - Active (Level 10) - 20% к магической защите
  • Item Skill: Prayer - Passive (Level 10) - 19% к эффектам хила
  • Item Skill: Prayer - Active (Level 10) - 10% к эффектам хила


Skype Name    dream_neo  a4941bac4a7ae1e593f04c7268c2b776_icon.png.c97522341d2e5a1e410bcf9c13fec2ad.png https://t.me/dream_neo
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