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We are a clan with 4-5 CP fixs, we looking for an good side, our setup is 3PTmages , 1 Warfront.

LF Russian or Europe community for join

Our leader speak English, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Portugues and little German,

Our contact : skype gabrielzn2
















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I have 2 cp good to play active walk looking for a good site to do a good server so ..

We already time playing as CP and organization, we played in server like NEO / Ketrawars / Blaze / Mid and others who do not remember it right now ... Video not have that honestly I have not spent as such do my video two CP lol not think it was a fundamental part to get some SITE ...


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22 hours ago, Danrley Alves said:

Up, EXUMALVERA hahahaa tmj

tamo junto vamo com tudo!!

22 hours ago, Serejkaaa said:

e malvo pidaras

 suka bliet my zalupa!!!

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31 minutes ago, Serejkaaa said:

give me my valakas! pidaras


xaxaxaxaxa pizdabol, you att me on valakas !!!! we punish you sukaaa

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