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RECRUIT / НАБОР Suprise suprise Rasta is back


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Suprise suprise Rasta is back

Всем привет.стартуем своим КЛАНОМ на нашем любимом и лутшем сервере La2Dream.

Есть набор  в свой пакет а также примем готовые паки ,мини паки 5/4 и соло игроков

Сделаем красиво!!! (Do it With US)

Всем Достойным ГФ-ГЛ

Hello, are you looking for a clan you want to play on the LA2Dream project? Means you to us!
We will not tell you beautiful fairy tales! And promise mountains of gold ... You yourself will see everything in fact, who is who!
All the achievements of our clan will not fit into one topic on the forum!
If you doubt the information join to us.

We are looking for a ready-made party or solo players (We help in development, the distribution of Drop from Raids is divided according to the DCP system. Also, those CP that stand out as a special treasure in the development of the clan and efficiency as a whole will be a priority).
We are looking for good assistants (we put on).
We are looking for BP (Bonus is being discussed) also full support (It will not be boring).
Good players with stable online are welcome, party will be formed
Perspective: We play a friendly clan on Relax, FAN, Epics, the clan will expand who wants to grow in the World Lineage 2 CL will support in creative growth.

1. Age 20+ (Strictly).
2. The presence of TeamSpeak 3 (with a microphone).
3. Attendance at all meetings of the clan.
We welcome independent, adequate, interesting personalities with good game play.
TeamSpeak3: Rasta (you can find us here)
Discord:  V1pMaSTeR#6517
The strong don't look for easy ways.

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