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Tyrants zealot / buff blessing of queen


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 Speed +30, HP Restored from heals -50%
With Fist or any kind of Blunt:Atk. Spd. +30%, Accuracy +6, Critical Damage +100%
With Polearm or any kind of Sword:Critical +100, Atk. Spd. +30%, Accuracy +6
: this is lvl 3 zealot

increase the critical damage at lvl 3 by 100% yeah ok at normal hits it is increase the normal hit criitical but not the skills critical. they should be increased too and blessing of queen does not even increases normal hits blessing of queen dont work i remember when opening zealot at all servers critical damage from skills increased too cause when u make a skill critical it is critical hit.   it is like normal hit critical it isnt mc hit so it should be increased 

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