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I understand that:

Coin Of Luck you get it by Donating.

Golden Apiga you get it by Voting.

1) From where do you get simple Apiga and Top Coin is my question?

2) What's the Difference between Golden Apiga and Apiga?

3) Also, 70 Coin Of Luck for an Augment of your Choice would exist on November?

4) What is the price of let's say 10 Coin Of Luck?

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hi .
1) Apiga - drop falls with the Champions . Top Coin - Vote
1 Vote = 1 Top Coin = 1 Golden Apiga 
1 Golden Apiga = 2h free buff's in resist \ HS buff's
3) -
4) 10 COL will cost you
400 rubles

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1) You can get apiga from champion mobs, Topcoin from voting

2) Apiga - is money for premium buffs in npc buffer (some premium buffs cost 1 Apiga, some - 5 Apiga's. Gold Apiga give you unlimited premium buffs but only on 2 hours (after 2 hour's golden apiga - disappear). You can change 1 topCoin to 1 Ga in GmShop. And BuffCoin - unlimited premium buffs for unlimited time. You can get it for col's only (Alt+B - BuffCoin)


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