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BIg Boss Chaotic Zone


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Well frist of all i didnd't found any outher type of post like this ...

Ok last dream adm sayed will put big boss areas chaotic zone and nothing this dream we are w8 again ... we would know if ADM going put chaotic zone on big boss  or no.

why ? simple reason its not fair all clans are killing each outher and some clans randos whit 5 players enter in boss and take it(was not case) But yestday on baium WP(whitepower) was on gk aden till more less boss spwam how they know time boss? ok my simple question i have some friends in wp and i asked them how they knowed rigth time of boss they told alex GM told them on skype thats not fair .. and outhers clans? He thinked on outhers? ok if u wana tell pll time of boss put Respwam boss comunity board like last dream 1 col = all spwam boss..

now hope u see this or clans will start go away...

Would be nice if u do some pool abou this =)

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