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A Sincere Wish for Future Projects


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       This will be a long post, you have been warned!

       First of all this is not a complain or cry thread at all, just a very sincere wish for future projects, please don't get in any defencive mode, cause you don't even need to answer, just read it and consider it, that's about it. or even don't read it, this my just two cents that I need to get rid of.


       I am an old time offcial l2 player,I wanted to remember old times and came back. When I started to play Lineage 2 some of the kids here wasn't even born yet,and here we are in 2018 still want to play L2. When this game came out it was different, unique, and mysterious.I remember buying hard copy guide books like encyclopedia to learn what was going on. There was no stratics,l2wh,pmfun etc etc....There was no over lvl 40 players in any siege.I am talking about this because you need to understand difference between then and now and what you are missing here. You are missing a lot because this not Lineage 2 at all. No I am not talking about official-private server or low-high rate difference. 


       One of the reasons that what makes this game so addictive to us even in 2018 is of course; pvp!. Even now in 2018 if you check any best pvp mmorpg lists of all time, you'll encounter name of Lineage 2 a lot (old chronicles). One of the reasons that most of the other mmorpg's couldn't get in to that lists is; open world pvp mechanics/systems  and the social/political/drama  structure, behind it.We'll come to this later.


       The other reason is races/classes.L2 specialized in what other games struggle to manage, diversity. Over 30 different classes to play nothing has ever really compared.This was the most unique part of the L2 and also this is the main missing part of La2Dream. Lineage 2 'especially Interlude' doesn't designed for using unlimited mana pots plus getting buff for 2 hours  'acumen + wm + magnus+ malaria + seraphim + dance of siren + dance of mystic + Dance of Concentration (and bunch of others that I can't count right now) .This only creates one thing;You don't need to play with any other class except mages!! I crafted full S grade with a single mage in couple of days with casual playing and almost didn't buy anything, no spoil,no AOE parties,no trains, no holly trinity parties...etc etc...no nothing, and all the way through I never encounter any other class except mages.I watched streams and all I've seen 'mage vs mage VS mage vs mage'..there is no need to...


       Farm creates pvp, farm creates drama behind the pvp, diversity in farm creates beaty in pvp,not the other way around!!! in worst case senario Powerlvl a fighter and try to inject in pvp doesn't work either,
 you need to go back farm again,There would be no difference from other mmorpg's pvp mode zone, maybe I am too old for this shit and doesn't understand new generation kids, maybe this the way they wanted play, lineage 2 version of cod style fps games. Just create a mage and try to kill each other in seconds., no political struggles,no drama,no senario, no strategy no tactics no RPG!...


        What makes Lineage 2's pvp beautiful is; player's tactic,strategy,skill,intelligence....etc. All other mmorpgs out there have pvp but most of them are have one shot pvp like here we got.I never saw any mage with s grade. They run around with dc set like paper cause they don't need defence, because they're god like with all those buffs and fighters are not around,( I remember on official when glady or phoenix knight comes everyone runs like chicken) but here all they need is cast speed. Just attack-mage-crit-attack-mage-crit and dead, pvp is over..took 5 seconds.Probably they never tested the beauty of the longer pvps that you need to use your intelligence. You know maybe they never tested the diversity in pvp  Paladins, Gladys, Shillen Knights, Destroyers,Warlords...possibilites are endless...


        Please stay a little bit more because we are walking on a edge of a misunderstandig here.I will not suggest pain in the ass low rate retail like server either, nobdy have time for that too, also not fun anymore because there is not enough population for it. please let me finish my point.


        The other thing is economy; ahhh ahhh the huge mighty Gludin.. you could lost between player shops.....Here we have stones,adena,ancient adena,festival adena,buff coin,top coin,luck coin,mambo coin, jambo coin,champion coin,coin,coin... The idea is that invent new in game currency and make it donatable only creates economic collapse in days like here we got, there is not enough col in circulation and col prices are sky rocket and soon they will be 1 kkk,considering ppl started to sell some weapons for 250 cols makes adena useless cause none can farm 250kkk adena...all we got here is stone age method of economy, give one thing take other..just trade. cause there is not enough col at all and never will be.also leave this idea to the money trap browser games please. There are so many other methods for donation and making money for the server but definitely this not one of them.


        Ok I get it some of the groups in big clans only here cause they want to make some money and they don't care,some of the kids here wants to play fps game and they are happy, also maybe some of the creators of La2dream wants to make some money too I get that, but we all can have what we want it's not that hard, you can find many different solutiouns,right now when I think out loud....delayed mana pots, just give basic npc buffs and make all other buffs from players should be retail like and some premimum membership for donation that doesn't  interfere the economy and good to go..I know it's not simple as that I hope you get the point here. I don't know maybe some other solution..The point is; this game is so RICH that some players can't even realize it. The thing is you have the talent, experience, organizations,crew, passion, and most importantly interest from people and population and love to Lineage 2. just please don't miss this opportunity.

        All I wish is a server that we can truly do justice to name of Lineage 2 cause right now this is just nothing but Mageage 2!

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