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RECRUIT / НАБОР International Clan (ENGLISH)


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Hello again people!


Once again, we're purchasing into an adventure here.

The clan is international, ENGLISH based. As usual, we will have a core group of mostly european players (due to the server's community), but we are always happy to invite players from any location/timezone, as we'll have activity during the whole day anyway.

We will use Discord for a better communication during organized activities. We have clan forum and website, but lately it's usually not needed due the the Discord's ability to act as forum too.


Requirements to join:

* Decent English (basic level, at least the minimum needed to understand and be understood);

* Friendly attitude - In a decent range of services, we seek to help each other through the gameplay tasks, if/when possible, without too much drama.


For more info, PM one of the following characters in game:




If you are unable to get in touch, leave a message here with your character name and we'll look for you at our earliest convenience.


Good luck and may the odds be always in your favor!

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Are you guys still looking for members? I'd like to join. I'm Romanian but I live in NZ so the timezone might be a problem getting in touch with you IG. "Xcode

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