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как доверие адм?// as trust adm?


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Hello guys, next, we are on the server is there with two weeks we farmando frantically and suddenly appears a new clan with 30-40 members and lvl 8, and the donations were not open about clans .. that little time server things are already starting half wrong, I see some being favored.

because we lost nights of sleep creating chars to put in the gym and suddenly appears a clan lvl 8 with 30 people ... finally it is only an outburst for you were aware that people and clans have begun to be favored.


Привет, ребята, дальше, мы на сервере есть с двух недель мы отчаянно farmando и вдруг появляется новый клан 30-40 членов и 8 латов, а пожертвования не были открыты о кланах .. что мало времени сервер вещи уже начинают половина неправильно, я вижу некоторые время выступает.

потому что мы потеряли ночи сна, создавая символы поставить в тренажерном зале и вдруг появляется один клан 8 латов с 30 человек ... в конце концов это всего лишь вспышка для вас знали, что люди и кланы начали отдавать предпочтение.




if I'm wrong correct me please.


att: Malvo


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Afs ... The server has not even three weeks adm ta already selling full clan reputation and skill ?! What Diser with items or will know things that no player has the know ..... afs without comments why today gringo server is declining every day having many fail and wipe many due to lack of seriousness focusing on donations ADM ...... not forget that free players that lotão the server with or without bot without the free players will not not have anyone donating not because the free players that fills your server and not the donor is a hint values the players donors to see if you will have free players on your server.
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